Couples Counselling

Counselling for couples…..hetrosexual, gay, bi sexual, transgendered, married or not, whatever your particular relationship is like or how it works will be unique, a relationship is as individual as you are, so what a ‘normal’ relationship looks and functions like cannot really be defined. However, if things are not working and problems have developed or are beginning to which are threatening the relationship causing unhappiness and distress, exploring this in counselling can lead to better understanding. Insight and awareness is needed to create change and relationship counselling con be a safe space to explore and name your feelings, whilst hearing and acknowledging those of your partner. It is easier to achieve ‘active’ listening, to really hear and respond when there is another present with the skills to facilitate better communication, helping you to discover ways to work things through and resolve difficulties. Sometimes of course, engaging in the couples counselling process only occurs when things are at absolute breaking point and it may become clear that there can be no resolution or working through. It is then about accepting that the relationship has to end and counselling can help you to work through this process of ending and separation.

Relationship issues can be helped through the process of counselling but it may be that one or both of you need some individual therapy if there are unresolved personal issues which are having a negative impact on your relationship. An assessment can help to clarify things and enable various options to be looked at.

A free 30 minute meeting is the starting point.

Contact Andrea to arrange an initial consultation of 30 minutes, offered free of charge and without any obligation.