BACP Accredited & Registered Practitioner


I began my counselling training in 1999 and qualified in 2003.

I hold an Advanced Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling but initially trained integratively, studying Humanistic models and approaches. I also have Certificates in Helping Children and Young People, Couples Counselling and Psychodynamic Supervision.

My integrative training covered the three main theoretical strands/theories of personality and behaviour Humanistic/Existential, Cognitive Behavioural and Psychodynamic/ Psychoanalytic. The Psychodynamic training which I then undertook after this, enabled me to study this model in greater depth.

I am committed to my ongoing professional development, which includes regular consultative support or supervision (a minimum of one and half hours each month, is required for BACP professional accreditation). I have supervision arrangements in place for my client/supervision work to ensure safe, ethical practice for my clients and supervises and to also ensure my own wellbeing.

In addition to my regular supervision, my continuing professional development consists of further training, seminars, conferences, workshops, reading and other activities which enhance and increase my personal and professional learning, awareness and growth.

All of these activities exceed the minimum hours required by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy for professional Accreditation.

I am an experienced, accredited & registered Counsellor/Psychotherapist and practice as a psychodynamic/integrative counsellor, which means that whilst I use an integrative theoretical framework for my therapeutic practice I understand and make sense of the work with mostly psychodynamic theoretical concepts, which maintain that, ‘experiences in our past unconsciously affect the way we think, feel and behave in our current relationships and life situation’. This will inevitably be enacted and reflected in the therapeutic relationship itself, thereby giving us the vehicle, the means, to be able to talk of and make conscious, the dynamics, repeating patterns and ways of being and relating which are detrimental to mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Awareness of conscious choice facilitates a sense of personal authority and empowerment which initiates the process of positive change.

I also integrate various other theoretical approaches/ways of working to meet the needs of the individual and present ‘here and now’ relational experience, strongly believing that rigidity or adherence to a particular model, theory or belief can inhibit creativity and growth. I therefore espouse a pluralistic attitude to counselling/psychotherapy, spirituality and life in general. My way of being and values are more rooted in Humanistic/ Existential philosophies and as such, I highly value and respect equality, individuality and personal autonomy.

I do believe that each unique individual has the resources within them for positive change given the right conditions, environment and relationship but that ‘contamination’ from the past/childhood needs to be acknowledged, understood, felt and worked through to enable authentic and genuine engagement, presence and ‘realness’ in the here and now.

Memberships & Professional Accreditation – BACP

BACP counsellor/psychotherapist accreditation is awarded to members who can meet the standard for accreditation. This standard is supported by the criteria for application. To become accredited, you must provide enough evidence to show that you can meet each criterion and that you can meet the overall standard for the scheme.

Accreditation enables clients, employers and colleagues to recognise proven, competent practitioners. This means that the selection of a counsellor or therapist can be based on an informed choice rather than speculation.

To date, BACP has around 16,000 accredited counsellor/psychotherapists.

Accreditation also gives direct entry on to the BACP Register of Counsellors/Psychotherapists.

As an Accredited member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP), I am on the Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register

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Membership number 00540504

As a BACP Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist and Registered Independent Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I abide by BACP’s ethical framework and the fundamental values and principles which define the profession of Counselling & Psychotherapy. My Accredited professional status means my Counselling/Psychotherapy practice has been deemed to meet the standard endorsed and required by BACP for a competent, ethical independent practitioner.

As a member, I am subject to BACP’s complaints procedure.

If you would like to know more about the different models of counselling and psychotherapy you can go to my Links page and take a look at the websites which give an explanation of theoretical approaches such as;

BACP-It’s Good to Talk, the Counselling-Directory, Psychology Today

I recognise difference and diversity regarding race, religion, culture, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities and respect the individuality and uniqueness of every person and their needs.